Fascinated by Wheels?

Here at OriginalWheels.com, we are. Do you know how wheels started? No it wasn’t the caveman that made that round thing out of stone.. Okay maybe it was, but there is way more to it than just that. There’s a whole formula that goes to it that involves stability, mechanics, and all of that scientific stuff that got us to those fancy 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser Wheels -but we’re just going to tell you about the basics. Ready?

So up to right now, no one can really say who was the one that officially invented the wheel, but they can say that it dates all the way back to 3500 BC in Mesopotamia. According to the special research that I have done for you, people believe that it was the Sumerians that invented this fabulous thing that we all use today. I mean, wheels are on our cars, in our dishwashers to roll the racks out, on strollers to take the kids around; they’re pretty much everywhere, right? Of course there were some stages that these people had to go through to give us the wheels that we use today:

1. People put rollers, such as tree logs, under heavy things.
2. They couldn't’t roll it far so they put sleds under it so they can just drag it to where it had to be.
3. It took too many of them to drag it so they put 2 rollers under it so when one comes out from the front, they can just replace it in the back.
4. The sleds made indentations on the rollers which made it faster for them to move.
5. They turned the ends of the logs into wheels and the middle of the log into an axle-which were held together by some pegs.
6. Finally, someone hit them with the smart stick so they eventually drilled holes for the axle, which ultimately led them to make wheels and axles separately.

Now thanks to these wonderful Sumerians, we have fancy OEM wheels to put on our car. Who would have thought that one wooden tree log would lead us to make rims out of aluminum? But of course you knew all of this already, right?

Think this is something that I made up? See for yourself:
1. “2. Invention of the Wheel”. Science & Technology. 25 February 2010. <http://library.thinkquest.org/C004203/science/science02.htm>

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