Go Green!

February 26th, 2010

Toyota Prius wheels or hubcaps? Solar powered or energy efficient? Gas or natural oils? Hybrid or “gas guzzlers”? Which do you prefer?

A lot of people say that hybrids are the future, but some people still want “muscle cars.” Personally, I think more manufacturers should start making hybrid cars – but then thinking about it, they’re going to be more expensive to buy & maintain, don’t ya think?

I mean, look at the Toyota Prius, it easily gets like what, 51/48 MPG? But then look at the price.. Starting at $22,800.

Now look at the Yaris, 26/36 MPG; for only $12,605.

It’s evident that you’re going to fill up the Toyota Prius less often, but the Yaris puts 10 grand in your pocket. You see what I’m saying? $10,000 will give you the shopping spree of your life! Or it can buy you those new rims that you’ve been dying to get.

Some people argue that the Prius is better for the polluted world that we live in today; but some people say that in the long run, it really won’t make a difference. And that’s fine, everyone is entitled to their opinion, I’m just sharing mine (: Oh! And thanks Ricky for helping me write this blog 😀

Trying to save the world one day at a time,


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