“Do I really need to care about my used rims?”

March 12th, 2010

WHAT?! Do you want your car to move? Do you wanna get places? Of course you do. That’s the main reason you should want to have nice OEM wheels on your car. The next reason is a bit more complicated. You know when people have really nice stuff like nice jewelry & stuff like that; you think highly of them? Same thing with your car. When people see that you take care of your car (especially when your rims are nice & shiny), it makes a good impression.

How awkward is that right? Well, I have a pretty good example. Since I have OEM Toyota 4Runner wheels on my 4Runner, people don’t really want to take a second look at my car. My wheels are dirty, kind of scratched, & pretty much just not well taken care of; but it’s not my fault! I promise. Anyway, when I ride in my mom’s car (she has factory original BMW 330i rims on her car), when we get off to eat somewhere or go do something; people look at the car! How superficial, huh? But that’s just the way it is now-a-days.

So to answer your question: Yes, you need to care about your rims. But it’s totally fine if you don’t… Don’t believe me? Pfft, fine.

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