Original Used Mag Wheels

March 30th, 2010

Mag stands for Magnesium… in case you didn’t know. These wheels are featured mostly on either race cars or just really expensive cars; & I mean really expensive. They’re featured as Mercedes wheels & Porsche rims ; so you know these things might put somewhat of a hole in your wallet.

They’re not just for looks, but they actually improve performance when it comes to NASCAR vehicles & even your average car. They’re designed to be light so your car can move at it’s highest speed (not that you wanna try that on the freeway), your brakes respond faster, and they even allow the driver to have better handling when steering.

In a nutshell, these rims are pretty great. They may be expensive & all, but if you’re someone who’s like totally in love with their car & you want it to perform to it’s full potential, then Mag wheels are for you… But be sure to check out our inventory at OriginalWheels.com for all of your wheel needs (:

Gotta love those wheels,


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