What is Lateral Runout on my Used Rims ?

March 31st, 2010

There isn’t really much to say about it except that some may not even know that they have lateral runout. …That is, until one of their OEM 1994 Plymouth Sundance wheels actually falls off when you a hit one of those big pot holes in the middle of the road.

I personally used to have it on my Toyota 4 Runner and didn’t notice it until our family mechanic was like, “You can drive with your wheels like this?” He explained to me what it was; what he said is that lateral runout is the amount of sideways motion that your wheel makes when it goes round and round.

If you don’t fix this problem as soon as you find out; uhm.. it’s not gonna have a good effect on your car. A wheel that has too much lateral runout will obviously jiggle back and forth and eventually create something called a shimmy that may feel like a dynamic imbalance problem. And we both know that you don’t want this happening to your car, right?



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