Used OEM BBS Wheels

April 1st, 2010

Once upon a time, there were two men who decided to start their own business. They didn’t know what to base it on so they just started manufacturing random parts for cars. One day, they realized that they had a “niche” for making wheels.

As far as they knew, they were going to keep doing this so that way they can get better & better at it; that way, everyone would want their wheels. And that’s exactly what they got.

By the 1990s, BBS Manufacturing Company was the main resource of OEM Aluminum Wheels for Car Makers such as Audi and BMW. No matter how high their standards were, they kept exceeding what people expected; which is obviously a good thing.

When the new millennium rolled around, this meant a whole new turn for BBS. They won so many awards & reached so many milestones that they finally became known as the most successful wheel manufacturing company. Now, they’re offered as Volkswagen wheels & Mazda rims .

Of course this is only half of the story… read this for the whole thing (: BBS Manufacturing Company

Cool, huh?


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