Mercedes E-Class & its Original Used Rims

April 21st, 2010

So we all know that the new 2010 model is supposed to be amazing. It has new features like Blind Spot Assist, Distronic Plus, & Night View Assist.

I’ll give you a brief description of all the features:

Blind Spot Assist lets you know when people are in your blind spot.

Distronic Plus prevents you from getting distracted.

Night View Assist helps you see at night.

Pretty easy, right? And of course you can figure that the the old Mercedes E Class Wheels are probably going to be the same for the 2010 model, right? They’re already all fancy & everything already so why would they need to improve them, you know what I mean? I personally think that this car is filled with stuff that can be extremely helpful, but I mean; you don’t necessarily need it. People have been driving fine without all of these extra “things” on the car… but that’s just me.

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