What are Wheel Speed Sensors on Factory Used Wheels ?

April 12th, 2010

Wheel Speed Sensors are also known as Vehicle Speed Sensors; which is essentially the same thing. WSS are basically, devices that are put on your car (obviously) and are there to help record the speed of your wheel. These sensors are designed to save you from a horrible car accident; you didn’t think about that one, huh?

It’s true. They’re paired with the ABS so when the wheel is rotating much faster than average, the VSS can sense it and then send some sort of signal saying that it needs to rotate slowly but surely so it can bring the car to a stop – before anything drastic happens.

Some people think that they absolutely need it, while others think that they can drive perfectly fine without it. Personally, I think that if a person has a sports car, they should consider getting WSS on their Ford GT wheels or whatever sports car they may have. Most people with sports cars LOVE going fast, right? So some may not know how fast they are going… which can potentially be very dangerous. If one were to have this device, one would have one less thing to worry about (:

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