OEM Used Wire Rims

April 28th, 2010

Most people that have wire wheels on their car don’t really know why they’re there; they think that they’re just there to make it look nice… which is part of the reason.

They were pretty much made for cars that need to carry a heavy load, but can stay true to the style of the car. I mean look at regular bicycles, they have wire wheels since they have to carry people from place to place, you know?

They became well-known in the 50’s since a lot of racing/sports cars had knockoff (or aftermarket) wheels on their car. I guess people wanted them for their own cars, so that’s exactly what they got. Nowadays, wire wheels come on bikes, motorcycles, and even as Cadillac Fleetwood rims! They come on more cars, but that was the first one that popped into my head.

They haven’t made “true” wire wheels for a while, I honestly think that they don’t make them anymore. If you ever plan to buy one, you can visit our web site (OriginalWheels.com) & we can do our best to track them down for you.

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