Do OEM Wheels Come Separately?

May 17th, 2010

And the answer is: nope. Short & sweet, right? That’s exactly how I like to keep it.

Anyway, when you buy your car from the dealership, all of the parts; like the Ford Crown Victoria rims , should be OEM (factory original). When it comes to the wheels, they are sold as factory original, but you may customize them any way you’d like. The good thing is that when you buy your car, the OEM rims are already installed, in perfect condition, & ready to go. If you ever happen to damage one or just want a new one because of whatever reason, you can visit our online catalog at & just roam through the different wheels that we offer.

Either way, factory original wheels would be the way to go, don’t you think? They’re original, good-looking, & most likely, the ones made for you.

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