BMW 1 Series & Its Wheels (:

June 22nd, 2010

The BMW 1 Series is actually a compact car AND a family car designed by German maker BMW (obviously). If you didn’t know, BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke… which in English, translates to Bavarian Motor Works; but you knew that already, right?

The 1 Series was launched in the Fall season of 2004 & includes wheels like OE BMW 128i wheels & factory original BMW 135i rims . The purpose of the 1 Series is so that people can feel like they can afford a classy wheel like this since the 3 Series was doing so well & moving up in the industry & in price.

The 1 Series is relatively new here in the United States; it was released in model year 2008 – which was actually June 30, 2007. I have no idea why they add a year to the car, you know? Anyway, since this is; we’re looking at the wheels… so wouldn’t you say that these wheels are pretty nice?

Off to the BMW dealership,


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