Order Buttons on the OriginalWheels.com Site!

September 29th, 2010

Hey everyone; how are ya? It’s been a while, right? Anyway, it’s good to talk to you again. (:

So let’s get down to what I really want to tell you : we’ve added order buttons to the OriginalWheels.com website! This means that it makes it easier for you AND us to take your OEM Wheel orders. Let’s walk through this together, okay? So let’s say I’m looking for 2005 Ford Excursion rims – I’m obviously going to go to the OriginalWheels.com website, click on Ford, then Excursion, & then 2005, & BAM ! Those are the factory wheels that come on the 2005 model.

I’m going to scroll down to the OE steel rims that are on the website & click the red order button to the right of the wheel. After that, I’m gonna input all of the information it asks me for & then wait for them to send me an email regrading the order I just placed. If I have any questions, I’m gonna call 1-800-896-74670 & ask for the online wheel representative.

It’s easy, right?


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