Chevy & Chevrolet Wheels

October 25th, 2010

So we all know that Chevrolet & Chevrolet rims are American-manufactured… right? Good. It’s a brand from GM (General Motors) & was founded by a guy named Louis Chevrolet; hence the name.

GM acquired all of Chevy in the year of 1917 & has been successful ever since. Here in North America, Chevrolet offers a FULL line of subcompact cars & even heavy duty commercial trucks with OE Chevrolet wheels.

Louis Chevrolet was a racecar driver & was son to Cooper Chevrolet. When the owner of GM took over Flint Wagon Works, that was when he incorporated the Mason & the Little Companies. In November of 1911, that’s when the Chevy Motor Company was incorporated.

There was a recent statement on June 8, 2010 that required people who worked for Chevy to no longer use the word “Chevy”. They now have to use the full word “Chevrolet” when they’re talking to anyone – including family. So instead of saying Chevy Monte Carlo wheels, you’re going to say Chevrolet Monte Carlo rims.

Crazy, right?


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