GMC & Factory GMC Rims

October 11th, 2010

If you didn’t already know, GMC is a producer of trucks, vans, SUV’s, & OE GMC rims… which you can probably see any place you drive. In January 2007, GMC was General Motor’s 2nd largest selling vehicle division after Chevrolet, in front of Pontiac.

You may think that Chevy & GMC aren’t that different, but they are; let me explain. Chevrolet vehicles are only sold at Chevrolet dealerships, but GMC models are sold at Buick, Pontiac, & even Cadillac dealerships. The other main difference is that GMC vehicles have quad-headlights & Chevrolet models have dual-headlights; but this was back in 1970. Today, GMC has the same trucks as Chevrolet… but they have the different center caps on the OE GMC Sierra wheels & the GMC Yukon rims .

If you navigate through our GMC rims page, you’ll see that we have factory original wheels from the late 1970s to 2009 ! So be sure to take look (:

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