Dodge Dakota & Dodge Dakota Wheels

November 29th, 2010

Happy birthday to me! Okay… now down to business.

If you have a Dodge Dakota, then you probably know that it’s a mid-size pick up truck from the Chrysler-Ram division with OE Dodge rims on it. The very first Dakota was introduced to the public in 1986, but as a 1987 model. In 2000, this truck was nominated for the North American Truck of The Year, complete with its original 2000 Dodge Dakota rims .

It was assembled in Warren, Michigan from 1987-this year. I guess you can call it a mid-size pick-up truck that has a front engine, rear-wheel drive & four wheel drive.

They have always manufactured the Dakota as one size bigger than the Ford Ranger & GMC Sonoma. On November 4th of last year, Dodge announced that they were going to discontinue the car & the OEM Dodge Dakota Wheels in 2011… which is next year.

I think that the third generation truck with the Factory Dodge Dakota wheels was the most popular truck because it’s one of the nicest looking ones… but that’s just me.

What do you think?