Ford Original Crown Victoria Rims

November 11th, 2010

When I think of Crown Victoria & factory original Ford Crown Victoria wheels, I think of a real old car that cops drive. I don’t like cops; hence, I really don’t like this car… but I sure do like the OEM Rims on it (:

The Crown Victoria is usually known as the Crown Vic, & it’s much shorter so that’s what we’re going to use. It’s a rear-wheel drive full-sized car that was manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. It was meant to be for the North American Market in the mid 1950s. Even though the Crown Vic has some similarities from the Lincoln Town Car, it doesn’t have the same exterior sheet metal or interior parts – & by no means do the Original 2005 Ford Crown Victoria rims look like the wheels on the Town Car.

The Crown Vic, as well as the Mercury & Lincoln stalemates, are really the only full-frame rear-wheel-drive passenger cars that were built in North America. They’re also the only three cars that are still in production today.

Regardless of how nice they are, I may never really like them as much as I do the Mercedes… but if you love them, I’m happy (:

Off to buy my Mercedes,