Hummer & OE Hummer Wheels

November 27th, 2010

A lot of people are complaining about Hummers & how the cars don’t get a lot of miles per gallon… even if they do have extremely nice factory original Hummer wheels on it.

Hummer is simply a brand of SUVs that was marketed by AM General since 1992. In 1998 (which was more than ten years ago), GM bought the brand name & marketed 3 specific vehicles: the Hummer H1, H2, & H3 fully equipped with OEM Hummer wheels.

I personally wouldn’t buy the Hummer, just because I don’t have that much money for gas… but I would buy the 2008 Hummer H2 rims – without a doubt. I mean, having 17” Hummer H2 wheels on my 4 Runner? I don’t really have to think twice about it.

Unfortunately, by April of this year, any sale of the Hummer brand became pretty unlikely because inventory was emptied and most Hummer dealerships began closing. After they filled a rental car order that they had, the last H3 model with original Hummer wheels was rolled off the line at Shreveport on May 24 of this year.

Do you have a Hummer?