Oldsmobile & Oldsmobile Rims

November 2nd, 2010

Oh Oldsmobile… & your OEM Oldsmobile wheels. Oldsmobile has been produced by General Motors for a while now. It was founded in 1897 by a man named Ransom E. Olds. How odd would it be if they kidnapped him & said, “We’re holding Ransom for a very high ransom!!” Kidding.

Out of the 107 years that it’s been producing cars, it has manufactured about 35.2 million cars; imagine how many 2004 Oldsmobile Bravada rims they made? And just Oldsmobile Bravada rims alone? My goodness. When it was phased out in about 2004, Oldsmobile & OEM Oldsmobile wheels were known as the oldest “surviving” American automobile marque .. which is a big deal because most of the cars here are imported.

I think my grandma has an Oldsmobile & she absolutely loves that car; I still don’t understand why… but to each their own, right?

Off to visit my grandma,


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