Baja Wheels & the Subaru Baja

December 14th, 2010

I personally think that the Subaru Baja & the OEM Subaru Baja wheels looks like a truck for kids .. but that’s just me. It’s an all-wheel-drive, four passenger, & four-door vehicle that was manufactured from the years of 2003-2006. It was basically a car with the bed of the truck in the back.

The car had tinted rear windows, an integrated bed liner, a fold-up license plate holder, & good-looking factory original Subaru rims on it.

The Baja had the 41 inch open bed & the drop-down tailgate to go along with it. There was a system marketed as the “Switchback” and it let the rear passenger seat to fold down. This let the bed have a total of 75 inches available. There was a light in the dashboard that notified the driver when the Switchback was “open”.

Regardless of if I don’t like it, I’d probably buy the 2006 model, only because I like the 2006 Subaru Baja rims on it.

Which one would you buy?