Dodge Viper & Viper Wheels

December 23rd, 2010

I think that we can all agree that the Dodge Viper & the OEM Dodge Viper rims are one of the nicest cars that are on the road today. They’re so nice that you barely see them on the road ! If I can have anything that I want for Christmas, I’d probably get a 2009 model with factory original 2009 Dodge Viper rims on it… but that’s just me (:

The Dodge Viper is a V10-powered sports car that’s made by Dodge – which is a division of Chrysler. They began manufacturing this car by 1991 at the New Mack Assembly. By October 1995, it moved to the Conner Avenue Assembly; & it’s still there as of today. This car, with no surprise, has made countless appearances in movies, tv shows, music videos, and even video games. Even though Chrysler said that they were going to stop producing this car & the OE Dodge wheels due to financial problems, but on September 14 of this year, CEO Sergio Marchionne stated that they were going to show a redesign of the Viper for 2012.

I guess with cars like these, you can’t really stop manufacturing because since they’re such nice cars, it’s what everyone “dreams” to buy. When you take it away, it’s like you’re crushing their dreams.

Think about it,