I like the Accord & the Honda Accord Rims

December 27th, 2010

Usually, I like the big cars; but if I were to buy a small car, I’d want this one with the OEM Honda Accord rims on it – and they have to be the Alloy Wheels.

The Honda Accord and the Honda rims that are already installed on it are part of a series of mid-size automobiles that have been produced by Honda since 1976. Now that I think of it, I think my grandpa had a small Accord – but I think  he had it way before I was born. Anyway, ever since it came out, it’s been sold in most of the automotive markets around the world.

Since its first model year, there has been more than enough car body styles and different versions of the Accord for people to choose from. No matter what, the wheels always look like luxury. Look at the 2006 Honda Accord rims – they all look so different but are all so nice.

Buy me one,