OEM Mitsubishi Raider Wheel & the Raider

December 7th, 2010

No, not the football team – the Mitsubishi Raider with the factory Mitsubishi Raider wheels equipped on it. The Raider is a pickup truck that’s manufactured by Mitsubishi Motors & was available to the public in 2005. It looks up to the Dodge Dakota and even has a recycled name from the Dodge Raider SUV which was sold from 1987-1990.

When they first started selling them, the amount that they sold was disappointing – it was only 1/10 of the Dakota’s. Most Mitsubishi dealers stated that they had a six-month supply of Raiders & OE Mitsubishi Raider Rims on their lots. This meant that they had to ask the factory to stop production, which is something that no car producer wants to hear. There were 9,861 Raiders that were built in 2005 & only 297 more cars were built from January to March 11, 2006. Since they had such a slow production, I guess that was why the 2006 Mitsubishi Raider wheels & the 2008 rims were the same. There was only about 8,200 Raiders that were sold in 2007.

How disappointing,