Acura’s Touring Sportscar eXperimental & Acura TSX Rims

January 25th, 2011

If you couldn’t already figure it out, Acura & Acura rims are the luxury division of Honda; specifically, the TSX is an entry-level luxury car that’s manufactured by Honda. The Acura TSX with the Acura TSX wheels was introduced in April of 2003.

The TSX was made to replace the RSX – which was made to replace the Integra. As of 2008, the TSX has been known as the smallest car on the Acura line; but it has amazing-looking 2008 Acura TSX rims (:

When it was first designed, it was meant to have a complete different style and interior when compared to the European Accord model; but ever since 2008, the interior is now all the same in all three markets. Here in North America, the TSX is always sold next to the TL, which is the car that is based on the Accord.

It’s not a lot of information, but it’s just general.

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