Dodge Stratus & Factory Original Dodge Stratus Rims

January 6th, 2011

If you didn’t know, the Dodge Stratus has two twins; they are the Chrysler Cirrus & the Plymouth Breeze… they’re also known as “cloud cars.” Anyway, the Dodge Stratus & the OE Dodge Stratus rims were introduced as a mid-sized 4 door sedan in 1995. The car was based on the Chrysler JA Platform Cab forward (which was a car).

The Dodge Stratus, Chrysler Cirrus, & Plymouth Breeze were all listed on the Car & Driver’s magazine’s “Ten Best List” for the years of 1996 & 1997. When it first came out, it had received really good reviews; but as time went on, the ratings fell lower & lower. I’m assuming that since they received feedback & the feedback was great, they kept making the car the way they started it. But as time went on, all of the other cars had things that were much more enhanced… which is why their ratings fell. The only thing that I can be sure of is that the 2006 Dodge Stratus rims are pretty nice looking, so I’m sure they got GREAT reviews on those.

Unfortunately, the Dodge Stratus was discontinued and it was replaced by the Dodge Avenger in early 2007 for the 2008 model; but the factory original Dodge wheels are still nice like they always were.

Off to buy a Stratus… just kidding,