Kia Amanti Wheels – Or The Kia Opirus

January 19th, 2011

For some reason, when I look it up on Wikipedia, it directs me to the Kia Opirus. So I’m just going to keep typing Kia Amanti, but you know it’s a Kia Opirus. Like when I put original Kia Amanti rims – you know I really mean Kia Opirus rims. Get it? Got it, good.

It’s a full-size car with OEM Kia rims on it; it was launched in April 2003.

Since it was Kia’s first entry into the “large-car” market, it was marketed in a single trim level and was only available to consumers as a sedan. For the 2007 model, it had a lot of upgrades to it. It had suspension and some styling revisions, and the same engine as the Hyundai Azerza.

The good thing is that the Factory 2005 Kia Amanti rims are nice (:

Do you like the Kia?