The Sporty Audi A5 and the OEM Audi A5 Wheels

February 2nd, 2011

It’s a pretty nice car, right? It has pretty nice Audi wheels on it, right? So why don’t you buy it? See, I would… but I don’t have enough money. Oh well.

The A5 is a compact executive car that’s been manufactured since 2007 by Audi. It was made to be the coupé & cabriolet versions of the fourth generation A4 saloon and estate models; and even though most people liked the design and the build quality, some critics say that the car didn’t live up to their expectations dynamically.

The A5 was supposed to mark Audi’s return to the market of the mid-size coupé; and I think that they did a good job, wouldn’t you agree? I mean, not only is the car nice, but it has great 2009 Audi A5 rims to go on it and just extraordinary Audi A5 rims in general. If I were you, I’d just buy it already.

Have a good one,