Your STS & The Cadillac STS Wheels On It

February 8th, 2011

Do you know what STS stands for? I bet you don’t. It’s for S-Series Touring Sedan; imagine if the Cadillac rims had long names like the STS? Oh man, that’d be something.

The STS was made as a full-size luxury sports sedan / executive car. This car has Original Cadillac STS wheels and a six-speed automatic transmission with performance algorithm shifting and driver shift control – fancy, right? I usually don’t go for Cadillac models, but I’d probably go with this one in a second.

This STS was originally the successor to the Cadillac Seville. Out of all the generations and the different Cadillac models, the STS was Cadillac’s most expensive sedan – but I mean, have you seen how nice it is? Have you seen how fancy the 2009 Cadillac STS wheels are? I understand why it’d be expensive.

Would you buy this car?