Acura RDX Wheels & the Crossover SUV

March 11th, 2011

I think this is one of the two SUVs that Acura has; it’s their first compact crossover SUV with OEM Acura wheels on it. It was at first viewed as the RD-X compact car; it made it’s debut in August of 2006.

The Acura RDX wheels and the RDX model takes over from the MDX as Acura’s entry-level crossover SUV. Even though some people will argue that RDX is almost exactly like the Honda CR-V, the RDX has different Acura wheels on it and also has a unique platform that was made to handle the vehicle’s oh-so advanced 4WD system.

This RDX is the second model released from Acura to have ACE (Advanced Compatibility Engineering). This engineering is supposed absorb the energy from a collision… which hopefully you don’t get in. The RDX comes with six airbags and good looking 2007 Acura RDX wheels.

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