An Avalanche; but the Chevy Avalanche & Chevrolet Avalanche Rims

March 3rd, 2011

I think that when I first heard about the Chevy Avalanche, I thought that there was an Avalanche over a Chevy factory or something. Nothing about the cars or the Chevrolet rims came to mind. Later I found out that it was a car with factory original Chevrolet Avalanche rims.

The Avalanche is a four-door truck that can either fit 4 or 5 passengers. It shares GM’s long wheelbase that’s used on the Chevrolet Suburban and Cadillac Escalade EXT. If you compare it to a regular truck, it’s totally different. The open bed on the Chevy Avalanche’s opens to the back seat area by using some sort of folding panel and the removable window. Until now, I haven’t seen a truck that has an open bed.

There’s extra storage that provided between each wheel well; it’s accessed by locking some flip-top panels.

All I really have to say is that the 2010 Chevrolet Avalanche rims are nice; & I should have them on my 4 Runner.

Off to buy these wheels,