Chrysler Sebring Rims & Its Generations

March 15th, 2011

So if you don’t see any new Sebring’s with new Chrysler Sebring rims on them, that’s because they stopped production on them in 2010. Sorry! It was made from 1995-2010; so I guess that Chrysler decided they made enough of them and wanted to move on.

The Sebring came in three different generations: the first was from 1995-2000, the second from 2001-2006, and the third from 2007-2010. The good thing is that all of these generations had OE Chrysler rims on them – which made it look fantastic!

The first generation was only available as a coupe and started in 1996 as a convertible. These two designs didn’t share a lot of components and it didn’t share any sheet metal. When the second generation was released, the coupe was discontinued in 2005. The third generation was available as a sedan AND a convertible. It even had the same platform – not to mention it had some good looking 2010 Chrysler Sebring rims on it.

It had a good run,