The Escort That Takes You Everywhere On The Ford Escort Rims

March 16th, 2011

So, if we’re being completely honest, I thought that the Ford Escort with OEM Ford rims was an SUV – not a regular car. My mistake.

The Escort & the Ford Escort rims that came out in North America had adopted the badge and the general design of the redesigned model from Europe. The name was used for more than one model since it was applied to more than one design in North America. It was Ford’s very first front-wheel-drive car that was built here in North America. It was made to replace the Ford Pinto subcompact car, and boy did it do a good job. Have you seen the Escort and the 2002 Ford Escort Rims that come on it? They’re soooooo much better than the Pinto ones… no offense.

The Escort even replaced the smaller Ford Fiesta that was imported from Europe in 1978, 1979, and 1980.

What car would you replace?