Your Durango & the Dodge Durango Rims That Go On It

March 28th, 2011

Remember the Ram Charger? Well, the Durango was manufactured to replace it. It was first introduced in 1998 as a midsize SUV – and I thought that the OE Dodge rims that went on that model were as nice as the Factory 2008 Dodge Durango rims that we see more often.

There has been three generations: the first one was from 1998-2003, the second from 2003-2010, and the third generation just started in 2011! If you were to ask me, the 2011 model kind of looks like the older generation and the newer Toyota 4 Runner put together – but with completely different Original Dodge Durango rims on the car.

On August 16 of 2010, there was an interned site that was released by Dodge and the site  showed some teaser pictures of the 2011 model… I hate teaser pictures. It only makes me more anxious.

Have you seen it yet?