Your Ford Van & Ford Windstar Rims

March 8th, 2011

This is your typical minivan with factory original Ford rims – more specifically, your typical van with OEM Ford Windstar rims. It was manufactured and sold from 1994 (1995 model year) to 2003. I guess it had a pretty good run.

This was the van that replaced the Ford Aerostar Minivan. Both of the vans had been sold alongside each other for about three years until they stopped making the Aerostar in 1997. When they stopped making the Windstar in 2003, both the car & the 2003 Ford Windstar rims were replaced by the Ford Freestar with OE Ford rims also on it.

The Windstar isn’t like most Ford models. Why? Because it doesn’t have a “Mercury Twin”. Even though there’s a Mercury Villager, there’s no similarities – at all.

Which van do you have?