Feel Fitted With Your Honda Fit Wheels

May 13th, 2011

People here at work are telling me to get the Honda Fit with OEM Honda wheels instead of a car that I was planning to get. I mean, I know the Honda Fit wheels are better looking than the ones on the car that I want, but I think I’m still going to go with my original option.

It’s categorized as a five-door hatchback subcompact car with pretty good looking 2009 Honda Fit wheels on it. It shares the Honda Global Small Car Platform with he City/Fit Aria, Airwave/Partner, Mobilio, Mobilio Spike, Freed and Freed Spike… if you just so happen to know what those cars are and what they look like. Because I don’t.

What’s pretty funny is that it’s also called the Honda Jazz – it still has the Factory Honda wheels on it, but I have no idea why it has the name “Jazz.” I have a friend named Jazz, I’m sure she’d like to know that she has a car named after her.

Do you know?