Acura Sports Wagon?

June 23rd, 2011

Uhhhm .. what?” is probably the exact thought that’s going through your head right now, right?

It’s called the TSX Sports Wagon and yes, it’s based off the TSX model and OE Acura TSX wheels. Even though the wagon already has its two-boxed shape, Acura decided to add a whole new redesigned grille. There’s also a new lower bumper that’s supposed to improve front-end styling with a wider range and more of an aggressive appearance. The Acura TSX rims are also supposed to look a bit different, but not too much. I guess Acura still wanted to give the look of a sports car, but they wanted to have more of a family feel.

I mean, it looks good – but only you can decide whether it’s good for you to drive or just good to look at.

Give me your opinion!