Fuel Economy & Your Infinti Rims

June 28th, 2011

Fuel economy is usually calculated by the miles per gallon that you get on your OEM Infiniti rims… it can also be kilometers per liter – whatever you want to go by. The more distance your car can get per tank of fuel, the better the fuel economy.

Through the 50s and the 60s, gas was pretty cheap here in the United States and the gas engines weren’t that efficient. Sure, if the OE Infiniti wheels were made back then they’d look super nice, but that wouldn’t really make a difference on the fuel economy that you got with your engine. Throughout the years, the engines have only improved to get better and better.

Regardless of if you have a hybrid or not, there are different ways that you can improve your fuel economy. Most experts will recommend that you drive in a controlled manner at the speed limit; this means avoiding sudden starts and sudden stops.

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