Have You Understeered?

July 26th, 2011

When you understeer, this means that your front tires and OEM Plymouth rims lose traction when you go around different corners – this eventually leads the car to go wide around the curve.

A lot of cars and different OE wheels have the tendency to understeer, but it’s way better to understeer than to oversteer, right? The aerodynamics of a car determine how often the car and factory Plymouth wheels oversteer. Another thing that can also be an issue is the suspension on your vehicle. If a person and his or her rims take a turn too quickly, this will make understeer more likely than usual. If you do understeer and mess up your wheels for some reason, you can always call OriginalWheels.com and we’ll sell you factory wheels that go on your car for half of the dealer’s price. We know that you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

Make sure you don’t speed up!


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