More On Chrome Rims – Hummer H3 Rims

July 29th, 2011

Right now, OEM chrome rims are pretty popular – no matter what car they go on. I think that if you see the chrome Hummer H3 rims somewhere down the street, you’ll most likely fall in love and want to put them on your car. I mean, if I had enough money to buy the Hummer rims I totally would.

Chrome rims are also known as chrome wheels, so you don’t need to get confused. They’re known to be seen more on cars even though you can buy them for motorcycles and even golf carts!

If you want to really make your car look like your own & unique, you should buy a set of Hummer H3 wheels and just install them – or any set of OEM chrome rims for that matter. It will totally make your car “pop.” Don’t forget you can get those factory chrome wheels from!

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