The X-Type & Your Jaguar X Wheels

July 27th, 2011

Have you seen how unbelievably nice these cars are? AND how nice the original Jaguar X wheels are? You can tell that these Jaguar wheels and this car will go together any day of the week.

The car is categorized as a compact executive car that was made from the years of 2001-2009. As it was code named the X400, the X Type was Jaguar’s first real 4-door saloon. It was one of the last cars that was styled under the supervision of Geoff Lawson.

I’m sure that there were a bunch of different ideas for the OEM Jaguar X rims for the 2008 model that were going to go on the car, but I think they did a pretty good job at designing the whole thing. Thank goodness offers the factory original Jaguar wheels that came on the Jaguar. Why don’t you just give us a call?

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