Upgrade Your Ride Quality

July 20th, 2011

We all want to improve the ride quality that we have with our wheels and with our cars in general. Rotating and balancing your OEM Audi wheels is a way to start – it gives you the most instant improvement that you can get.

Shocks and struts for your rims are also other things that can make a big impact on the ride quality. If you want your car and wheels to ride down the road smoothly, take a look at your struts. The biggest factor that interrupts the ride quality would have to be the tires that your OE Audi rims are mounted on.

When you have a new car with any set of wheels on it, the wheels should come perfectly aligned and each tire should go across the pavement evenly. When drivers go over a rougher terrain, the air pressure will drop naturally… which will clearly effect your ride quality.

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