Upgraded Acura RL?

July 26th, 2011

Did you know that the RL and factory Acura RL rims have gone through some minor nip-tuck surgeries before it was released for its 2011 model? Well now you know.

One of the new things that it has is something called a six-speed “Sequential Sportshift Automatic Transmission.” It’s supposed to give the driver an opportunity for that occasional sporty dash courtesy of the wheel-mounted paddles. The original Acura RL wheels also have something called a “Hemholtz Resonator.” These things are supposed to reduce the amount of road noise – this way you get a cabin that’s much more quiet.

In the front, the grille of the car has been revised and softened so you can still tell that it’s an Acura… but it doesn’t look that harsh. The wheels that you get from OriginalWheels.com wouldn’t be harsh at all. They’d be like new condition – the would even be smooth to the touch! I know, our wheels are awesome.

I hate when things look too harsh,


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