Pothole Damage To Your Audi A3 Wheels

August 15th, 2011

Don’t you just hate potholes? They mess up your tires AND your Audi A3 wheels that you worked so hard for. Sure, the other Audi wheels are nice, but you really wanted the Audi A3 wheels… right? Of course you did.

There are probably so many questions that run through your mind when you hit a pothole, but the main one probably is: “How can I tell if my wheels are damaged?” Well, since alloy wheels are the main things that come on cars today – like the Audi A3 rims – they don’t do so well when it comes to contact with potholes if you compare it to steel wheels… so, that’s one thing that you should worry about.

The most obvious sign of damage caused by a pothole is when you notice that the alignment is off and if the shock absorption systems are somehow messed up. If you do unfortunately mess up one of your OE Wheels, you can always call OriginalWheels.com for that same OE wheel and we’ll sell it to you for a fraction of the dealer’s price!

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