Volvo 30 Series & Volvo Rims

August 10th, 2011

It’s actually called the Volvo C30… but it has OEM Volvo wheels on it, so I’m guessing it’s the same thing. It’s categorized as a small family coupe with 3 doors and four seats. It actually has the same Ford C1 platform… but with their own Volvo 30 series wheels on it; not the Ford ones.

When you find it on commercials, you’ll see it marketed as either a premium hatchback or a sports coupe – the car and the OEM Wheels on it are mainly designed to target the younger market. Production of this vehicle is expected to be 65,000 units a year, which I think is a lot for a Volvo.

The outside of the car – including the body & the Volvo rims – is based on the 2001 SCC concept car; it was inspired by the 1800ES, the estate adaptation of the P1800 Coupe. All I say is that as long as the 2008 Volvo 30 Series wheels are good-looking like always, then I have no problem buying the car. Lucky for you, sells you those same original rims that make your Volvo 30 series look nice.

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