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May 25th, 2012

We love to hear from our customers about their experiences with us. The best way for us to improve our customer service is to know if our customers feel we did a good job, or if they feel we need to improve on any aspect. We will always try to address any customer complaints or issues that may have come up during their order and do the best job we can to correct any issues. We also just love to hear when our customers are happy! At we strive to offer the best customer service we possibly can, and here is a place for our customers to tell us how we’re doing.


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  1. Ian Stewart says:

    Every quote I got from dealerships and parts dealers was outrageously expensive. After finding the wheel I needed at Original Wheels’ website I found that it was literally a quarter of the best price that I had been quoted elsewhere. I was a bit leery but decided to try it and was impressed- I was contacted shortly by a representative who confirmed my information and my brand new wheel arrived in perfect condition a week later. Highly recommend this service to anyone looking.

  2. jim green says:

    excellent description, quick and efficient ordering and quick and quality packaging and shipping ! will definately use them again

  3. C.Y. says:

    Great customer service and speedy delivery with excellent product. Best experience in ordering auto parts.
    Thank you.

  4. Robert Dotson says:

    Great people to work with. Great Rims.

  5. J. A. says:

    This wheel was not a common wheel and not easy to find.
    Heather was great and very knowledgable.
    Arrived quickly and looks great.


  6. Peter S says:

    I purchased a set of ’09 Land Rover LR2 wheels, one had a slight variation in color (it was sprayed at a different finishing warehouse). To make a long story short and without getting into all the details they went above and beyond to rectify the problem. I even offered to pay the return shipping and even that was taken care of. The staff was always courteous and helpful, shipping was prompt and so was returning phone calls. The wheel was replaced and now all 4 of wheels match perfectly. I am also totally satisfied with the overall finish of the wheels, the quality is excellent. I would recommend O.W. to anyone, esp if your looking for a replacement OEM wheel to avoid dealing with the headaches of buying from a private seller (who will not give you a guarantee), aftermarket (having to worry about fitment) or wanting to pay outrageous dealership prices. Thanks again guys for all your help and effors!

  7. Bertha Chavana says:

    Thank you so much for the spare rim that I purchased from you. I was exceptionally please when the rim arrived a week ahead of its scheduled due date. I got to go out of town knowing that I had a spare in case of an emergency.

  8. Mark L says:

    I just received my order, as promised and on time. Oscar was great to talk to on the phone, making sure I ordered the right wheel for my Mercedes. Great service, great attitude. I am a customer for life.

  9. Hepburn E.(Hep) Klemm says:

    Atten: JR, I recd. my 17″ Ford truck wheel and was overwhelmed by the quality of the packaging and the wheel is emasculate! You folks are great and I’m looking forward to doing more business with you. Can you get 16.5″ 8 lug one piece rims for “61-72″ Ford 3/4 ton pick-ups? Or maybe 17″ ?
    Much Thanx,

  10. Naturegal in SoCal says:

    Excellent and speedy service. Just the right wheel at a very good price. All available in my hour of need! I have already been telling anyone who gets to hear my flat tire/punctured rim “by chisel” story. I was so happy to find your www. site .

  11. Lance S says:

    This is the second time I’ve purchased rims from Original Since the first set of rims was for one of my company cars, I needed them quickly. Two days after ordering them, the car was back on the road. What was impressive is that the rims are hard to find. Outside of Original Wheels, the only other place to get them is the dealership and they take full advantage of it. I got the rims for 1/3 of the price the dealership was asking. The second order was for a full set of rims for my wifes Cadi. She thinks her Escalade is a tank and can jump curbs, pot holes, Prius’s etc. Of course, the original 22 inch rims don’t agree. I called customer service and was impressed by the reps knowledge. So, I ordered 4 new replacement rims for her Escalade late Monday afternoon at about 1/2 the price the dealership wanted. They showed up Wednesday morning! I wasn’t expecting them for several more days. They’re already on her Cadi and look great! Outstanding customer service and great product! I’m sorry that I didn’t catch the reps name, but thanks again for all the help! We’ll be purchasing all our replacement rims for my company cars through you guys from now on.

  12. Jose F says:

    Great service and pleased with their quality of products.

  13. Tony G says:

    Had bought 7 wheels from another business and they were having a tough time locating another the last one. ( after telling us they had 8). Found this company online and they provided me with great service and a great looking wheel. Would definitely recommend them to anybody looking for a wheel for a good price..Thanks…

  14. Anonymous says:

    Awesome experience. ..I couldn’t recomend them jihher!
    Steve S

  15. Kevin Frazier says:

    I purchased 4 wheels for my 2005 nissan armada online and had them delivered to my home in upstate NY. The reason this is so unusual is that I’m currently deployed in Afghanistan. I cant stress the comfort I feel knowing that what I order online is what shows up at my house. Perfect match, perfect service after the sale with follow up from you guys asking if I’m satisfied.Thank you and I appreciate the service..

  16. Bobbi says:

    I had a cracked Cadillac STS rim that needed to be replaced. Dealerships want $800 to $900 dollars to order a replacement and no one else in the city of Indianapolis could provide one. I found original wheels, sent them a picture of what I needed and presto it was at my doorstep within a couple of days for a reasonable price. Everyone I spoke with was eager to help and I couldn’t be happier. I would recommend them to anyone. They will always be my go to guys. Thanks again for your help.

  17. Earl in Mt says:

    My wife cracked the alloy rim on her 2005 ford Taurus in a construction zone.I called the ford dealer in town and was told the rim was 500.00 dollars,almost fell out of my chair.I called all the salvage yards in area,looking for a rim for this popular car to no avail.I went on line found,read the reviews and called them up and Oscar answered the phone I explained my problem with availability of finding a alloy 7 spoke rim for this popular car and that her car was down and out with 1 broke rim and 2 flats.Oscar not only had the rims,but also had one in another warehouse closer to my area and said he could still get it still shipped out today and I should get it sooner than from main warehouse in Ca.Wow what fast friendly service and to top it off my rim came in heavy duty packaging with my rim protected and wrapped in plastic and looks absolutely brand new.I normally don’t write reviews,but I was just so impressed with the service quality and almost forgot the outstanding price.All in all a great company,thanks again Earl in Mt

  18. Josh Clifton says:

    Thanks for helping me out. Way better choice than buying four new aftermarkets to match

  19. Anonymous says:

    I recently bought a wheel for my wife’s Volkswagen It was like new just like they told me it would be It came in a timely fashion I was well pleased



  21. Clive L says:

    Great service. Very professional approach in assisting me in finding the correct wheel.
    The wheel arrived sooner than expected, well packed and in excellent condition. Highly recommended company.

  22. Kip kippley says:

    Was a great experience from beginning to end.

  23. Matt H. says:

    Good wheel for the price. Chrome inserts of wheel had some mild marring in a couple of spots, but nothing major.

    Good Value.

  24. Phillip Marquis says:

    Original Wheels provided me the exact OEM style and type of wheel I was looking for at a reasonable price and shipped it within days of my order. The wheel was in excellent condition upon delivery and I would definitely use Original Wheels again.

  25. Bill McFadden says:

    I wanted to tell you about the excellent customer service I received from one of your employees, Junior Gerardo! My daughter & I had a blowout & freakish occurrence some time back on the freeway in Corona. We hit a sizeable piece of metal on the roadway, and it left a golf ball sized hole in my tire, a gash on the inside of my wheel, and in another apot on the outside of the wheel left a huge bend in the lip next to the tire.

    When I ordered a replacement rim online, on a Monday, I noticed that it would take 1-3 days to process my order, and another 1-5 days to have it shipped to me. I needed it before the weekend, because a friend needed help moving and I need to haul a trailer too, which I didn’t want to do without a spare tire. So, I called Original Wheels to see if I could get it sooner. I talked with Oscar, and he put me in touch with Junior, who helps with online orders.

    Originally, it looked as if there were no wheels that matched mine in California state, and that it might need to be expedite shipped from Texas, which could cost me as much as an additional $125, added to the $282+ cost of the wheel and shipping. Junior said he would check and see if he had any in California, and call me back. Within minutes, Junior called back and said he located the wheel in the Fresno location, and would have it shipped to me no later than Thursday, with no extra cost for shipping, other than the ground shipping I already paid. I was super surprised and happy about this and asked Junior for his name so I could leave a commendation for his excellent customer service for his boss!

    UPDATE: I received the wheel via UPS today before Noon! Wow! Now, instead of being rushed to take it down to have tires mounted, I have plenty of time to get it done! Thanks again Junior, and thanks Original Wheels for having such a great rep on your staff to help people like me! – Bill in Hemet, CA.

  26. leroy kessler says:

    first time using original wheels great experience wheel looks great my customer is very happy thanks again leroy

  27. James says:

    Original Wheels offered the exact wheel I needed for a 2000 Ford F-150 at a very reasonable price. The shipment arrived in short order and in excellent condition. I would highly recommend Original Wheels as a source of OEM style vehicle wheels.

  28. David Herzer says:

    Purchased a like new Lincoln MKX wheel at about 1/2 price a dealer would have charged. I’m happy with everything about the purchase; it was exactly as represented!
    You can deal confidently with this company.
    David Scottsdale

  29. Bruce says:

    I purchased a wheel several weeks ago. The person I spoke to was extremely friendly and even took the time to confirm the 1 (one) they showed as having in stock was indeed there.
    BTW – I was looking for a used wheel.
    Several days later I received a phone call from them advising the wheel had minor blemishes and wanted to know if that was satisfactory with me.
    The shipping time was exactly what they stated it would be.
    I was totally surprised and pleased they took the time to call me and ask as most would simply have stuck the wheel in a box and sent it on in my opinion.
    That is true customer service and it is rare to time.

    I am please with them in every way.

  30. Mark from New Orleans says:

    Delivered as promised, in good condition, and on time. Considering the size of the many potholes here in New Orleans, I’ll be a returning customer.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Excellent excellent service even called me to make sure the color on the inside trim of the rim color was right…didn’t even know there was different colors made for my model….quick quick delivery ordered my tire before I ordered my rim and the rim got to me two days before my tire awesome …

  32. GB says:

    Searched & searched everywhere for a Rubicon wheel could not find one anywhere, original wheels came up in my search ordered the wheel they (original wheels) called to confirm the wheel type & fit.

    The wheel arrived in just a few days! Awesome service wheel looked brand new!

    I would definitely recommend “Original Wheels” and I have done so!

    Unbelievable service, in this day and age you do not expect such awesome service! But these guys deliver.

  33. Jason Klein says:

    Found the rim for my truck cheaper on this site than anywhere I looked. Everything went smooth and easy. Hopefully this rim doesn’t also get stolen. But if it does, I’ll be back to these guys for a new one!

  34. David M says:

    Needed wheels for snow tires for my Audi A4. Wanted OEMs rather than fuss with aftermarket China rims, non-stock offsets, centering problems, and hub caps. Original Wheels listed wheels that matched my existing set at a reasonable price but had only one in stock. Over the next 10 days or so, their fabulous supply chain shipped brand-new-looking wheels from CA, IN, and MD. Packaging was robust. All told, I now have Audi-quality wheels and snows for $800 less than what dealer wanted to charge. Completely satisfied.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Thanks a lot for the excellent service. When I couldn’t find find the wheels I needed listed on your web site, I called and your sales rep immediately found them listed under another make/model/year since the listed ones were the same wheels as the old ones that I needed. I’d be happy to recommend you to anyone. ECH

  36. Don Roberts says:

    Thanks for your expertise in providing “like new” wheels for my 2011 Mercedes 350. Two separate road accidents caused unsightly damage to the original wheels. The replacements are perfect and the price was very reasonable. Thanks again!

  37. Regginale says:

    Thanks for the 2012 Audi A8L wheel that arrived perfectly yesterday. Prompt delivery ( during holiday season), great customer service, excellent price. Mounted and balanced, everything was great. I will definitely recommend to others, thanks once again!

  38. Anonymous says:

    Rick was very helpful in finding the right wheel and getting it delivered

  39. Kenny H says:

    I was looking for the original wheels for my 89 Volvo 240 and for 6 months nothing. Then a buddy told me of And
    Bingo! Hard to find wheels is what I call them.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Excellent value for the money. This was my first purchase using your company and it definitely won’t be the last. Have 3 imports in the family and I look after my vehicles by using quality parts.You all have earned my trust and my business. Keep up the good work. Arthur Guruswamy January 7th 2014

  41. Gary Howard says:

    I ordered a wheel, It came to me within one week in perfect condition. The sales staff was professional and quick to help me select the correct wheel for my car. Thanks for a great shopping experience.

  42. Anthony P. (Kansas City, MO) says:

    I recently ordered a replacement wheel for my son’s 2002 Olds Aurora. The salesperson was very helpful in asisting me with my order and they kept me constantly informed as to the status of my order and when I could expect to receive it. The wheel came and it was an exact match to what was on the car. The wheel was in great condition and looked new. The shop was able to mount the tire to the new wheel without any issues and it looks great on the car. I would highly recomend this company for any of your replacement wheel needs without hesitation. Great Job!!! A+++

  43. Erik Jay Levine says:

    This is a compliment message. I wanted to compliment Junior at on how well he helped me obtain the rim for my 2004 Ford Mustang. I ordered the item online and recieved a prompt call from him directing me to send photos to be sure it was an exact match. I sent the pictures and then he promptly directed my rim to be sent to me and it was in my hands in record time. I really appreciate the hard work he did and the precision in which he did it. My car desperately needed the rim because the old one was bent. It is my spare vehicle but I rarely wanted to operate it for fear that the tire may pop. Thank you Junior for all your help.

    -Erik Jay Levine 01/14/2014

  44. steve taylor says:

    I purchase a wheel last month (dec). It showed up damaged. I contacted orig wheels,they emailed a return shipper and I had a replacement wheel two days later. nice job! thanks again.steve taylor

  45. Mark Bellows says:

    I have used OriginalWheels twice for the same stock wheels on my ford truck. Two of the wheels on my truck had factory defects that caused them to leek through the rim. The replacement rims I received were not just looking like new but solved my problems. obviously tested and confirmed to be quality used wheels at a very fair price.

  46. Sandy Paine says:

    I would really like to commend Jr. on his great customer service. I was in a jam and only needed one rim. He helped me through a few phone calls to get the rim I needed. It arrived promptly and in beautiful condition. I would highly recommend Original Wheels to anyone looking for like new wheels.

  47. Gary Straumann says:

    Very pleased
    quick service and exact match

  48. mark hall says:

    My experience with Original Wheels was the best! These guys are kind, professional and very helpful. The pre owned CTS wheel was in immaculate condition just like they told me it was going to be!

    Thanks you and Original Wheels will be the only place I shop for OEM wheels in the future!!

  49. Don says:

    The wheels for my Santa Fe were in perfect shape and solved my rough riding problem. Wonderful finish and there were no issues in the mounting process. Great price and quick delivery, too! I’ll tell my friends and wouldn’t hesitate to go this route again. Thanks for the great service.

  50. L.Douglas Harris says:

    The wheel I ordered for my Mercedes benz was delivfred in perfect condition,could not tell it from new.

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