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Information On Factory Dodge Truck 250 Rims and Wheels

Dodge's 250 Truck, which was second in the line of Dodge's widely appreciated Ram truck line [which was originally internally designated by Chrysler (Dodge's parent company) as the D series and only first referred to as a "Ram" on this truck] was a 2 or 4 door truck. Although technically the last generation ended in 1980 and everything, including this last generation, was designated the 100 (or 200, 300, 400 depending on load capacity), while the face lifted version of the third generation 100, which ran from 1981 until 1993, is designated as the 250 (or 150, 350, 450 depending on load capacity). This somewhat strange appellation system was due to the fact that Chrysler was embraced by business legend Lee Laccoca to revitalize the dwindling company. The 250 was discontinued in 1993 to be replaced by a completely new Dodge Ram.

The wheels available on the 250 were two steel rims. There was a 16.5" steel wheel with painted finish as well as a 16" steel rim with four holes finished in silver or black.

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