M Series & Infiniti M35 Wheels

Infiniti Wheels & Infiniti vehicles have an article just to themselves; they’re that nice.

The “M” nameplate that Infiniti uses has been placed on many mid-size cars that Infiniti manufactures. The vehicles include the M30 Coupe/Convertible, and the M45 and M35 sedans - I personally like the M35 with the Factory Infiniti M35 Wheels . Both the coupe and the convertible were rebadged as the JDM Nissan Leopard. The very first generation of these sedans are actually rebadged versions of the Japanese - spec Nissan Gloria. The later generations were meant to be based on the Nissan Fuga.

In 1990, the Infiniti M30 with the OEM Infiniti Wheels was made as a 2-door GT coupe introduced with the Q45 as the start of the Infiniti line in 1990. The M30 was pretty much just a Japanese Nissan Leopard that was built with left-hand drive and rebadged as an Infiniti. The main changes were that of the engines that were used, the transmission, and the suspension.

The thing about the M30 is that it had no Factory options available to customers, but it did have a cellular phone and a CD player/changer option available. Just like the Nissan 300ZX, the M30 was a front-engined and rear-wheel drive vehicle. The transmission that was installed was an RE4R01A - it was a four - speed automatic transmission with overdrive; as enabled or disabled by a button on the shifter. As cool as it would have been, there was no manual option for the car.

Can we jump all the way to 2005? This is when the second generation was released.

Infiniti decided to release a completely new & different design compared to what they had been making before. The model and Infiniti M35 Wheels that were manufactured were meant to compete directly in the mid-size sport luxury class. The cars that it was competing against included the BMW 5-Series, Lexus GS, and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. The Infiniti M & M35 was released in 2005 with Original 2006 Infiniti M35 Wheels .

The car is designed to use a much more rigid version of the G35/350Z/FX Nissan FM platform and even comes available with the common VQ-series 280 hp (208 kW) 3.5 L V6 in the M35, or the Q45's 335 hp (249 kW) 4.5 L V8 in the M45. This specific generation of the M is sold in Japan as the Nissan Fuga.

When the 2008 model year came, the Infiniti M had received a minor model update. For the 2009 M35 model, the car finally got a new V6 engine that produces a good 303 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque and a 7-speed automatic transmission.

The third generation of the M Series and Infiniti Rims are probably the nicest so far. It makes me want to buy it on an impulse ! The new design is inspired by the Infiniti Essence concept car. Even though its predecessor's exterior was described as forgettable, the 2011 has some curves on it that are influenced by both the Jaguar and the Maserati. It even has an organic feel to it - this design was actually inspired by the things and different animals that live underwater !

Isn’t it amazing to see how so many different things can influence automotive designers to come up with some gorgeous cars? I wonder what else they can make if I just throw some painting their way?

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