Why are OEM Alloy Wheels so important?

Do you want your car’s performance to be top of the line? Would you like full control of your car? Of course you do, which is why you need Original Alloy Rims. Of course the engine is a HUGE part of the well-being of your car, but so are your Factory Wheels. Who would’ve thought, huh? I always thought they just came with the car & there; but apparently they contribute to so much more than people think.

Okay; so before Alloy wheels came along, there were Steel Wheels that came on cars which made the car have unnecessary weight and pretty much slowed the car down. There are still some Steel Rims today that tend to slow the car down, but it’s pretty much just a power to weight ratio if you compare it to a vehicle that has regular Factory Alloy Rims.

The rims that you see on today’s cars are more aerodynamic and tend to be lighter so that the vehicle can function to its full potential. They are the typical option for the automotive market today considering they improve mileage and disperse of heat faster than regular steel rims.

When a driver upgrades their rim a size or two, not only does it make the car look extremely nice; but it also upgrades the production of the vehicle that they are driving. The term is considered to be “Plus Sizing”, which pretty much makes sense. Plus Sizing is something that benefits the driver & the Factory Wheel-it gives the driver better control of the car when he or she is steering; especially when they approach tight or small corners. Let us take an example; shall we? Say you want to get Infiniti Q45 Wheels -the Chrome ones-those are 18” x 17.5”. All custom Alloy OEM Rims, including chrome, all consist of magnesium that happen to be x-rayed and put over heat so that way, they have a better look and are subject to be more resistant to accidents or cracks that may happen while you are diving carefully.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that the Factory Wheels you have on your car right now are the ones that you’ve always wanted; but did it ever occur to you that they might be slowing you down instead of having your car work to it’s capacity? Neither did I.

It’s true!
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