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October 18th, 2007

Because certain questions and concerns come up on a regular basis regarding wheels and rims, we have listed a few suggestions and free advice that should clear up most of your questions. We will also be updating this list regularly as rim questions arise and we think it necessary to include here in our blog. Please feel free to contact us if something listed here is not clear to you or if we have not addressed a particular concern of yours about wheels and rims.

1) Determining Wheel Size

The only way to figure out your rim size is by locating the proper numbers and letters on the side wall of your tires. You should find something that looks like “P205-75-R15″, but this format will vary. In this example, the numbers tell us that you have 15” wheels on your car or truck. The last two numbers are what tells us the exact rim size. Please do not measure your wheels to determine the size. This will cause you many problems when ordering wheels or rims for your automobile.

2) Damaged Rims

If you have minor scratches or scrapes on your wheels, do not be surprised. Most likely you have run your wheels up against a curb one or more times and even though you did not hear or feel it, this can make your rims look very used and possibly even bend the wheel out of round. If you have minor blemishes on the face of your wheels you can have them repaired or even do it yourself. If this is the case please visit our page on repairs here. If however, you have a bent rim, you will need to have it looked at by a repair shop with the proper equipment.

3) After Market Wheels

Many people grow tired of many problems with their original wheels and they think they would just be better off with some new bright chrome after-market wheels and that all their troubles will be behind them. Well, the truth is that even though the after market rims are new, different, and exciting, these rims are usually a cheaper made product that may rust, lose their hubcaps with no chance of finding a replacement or have problems with balancing and alignment.  Think carefully when making the decision to purchase rims that are not original to your vehicle. If none of the above listed problems bother you, then maybe the non-original rims are for you.

4) Missing Lug Nuts

We see vehicles on a daily basis with one or more lug nuts missing on a wheel or rim. Sometimes this is because the owner has lost the lug nuts, or have broken off the stud that the lug nut bolts on to. Either way this is a very dangerous situation, but relatively inexpensive to repair or replace. Your wheels were engineered specifically and safely with all the lug nuts in place and need to be tightened exactly the right amount for the safety of the passengers and the other vehicles around you.

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