How are OEM Steel Rims Made?

March 23rd, 2010

So we all know that there’s two options when it comes to factory original rims for your car: alloy (aluminum) & steel. Aluminum is obviously the most common, but what about steel? How is it made? Is there a different process? Well, yeah! But you knew that, right? I’m here to clarify how it’s made.

The process has come so far from when it first started; I have no idea when that was, but let’s just pretend that I do… okay? Now that we have all of this technology where we can “predict” the way accidents are going to look, manufacturers can see how strong the steel wheels need to be made for each different type of car.  There’s a variety of steel rims, particularly for trucks since they are more “heavy duty”, but you can put them on your car, too!

It’s actually pretty simple the way it’s made. There are 2 components: the center part & the rim. The middle of the wheel starts out as a plain piece of steel and then placed into a machine so it can be carved out into its special design & all the holes for the lugs are formed into it. After that’s done, it’s fitted into the actual rim & sealed together to complete the wheel. And then finished the way that the customer would prefer it. Steel rims usually come as Toyota Trucks Wheels & more commonly with Isuzu Pup Wheels . I mean, they are trucks after all.

Isn’t it easy?


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