What are Wheel Locks for my OEM Wheels ?

March 29th, 2010

No, your wheels don’t automatically lock when you’re driving; so you don’t have to worry about that. This is an option that’s typically included with a purchase of a new car that has factory original aluminum wheels.

So, the “Down-Low” on wheel locks is that they are on your car for the security of your wheels. Wheel manufacturers know that there are some shady people out there that are going to try and steal your rims; which is why they created the wheel lock (:

Since most cars usually have lug nuts that random people can just remove with a lug wrench, many vehicle owners that have real expensive alloy wheels (like the Infiniti QX56 Rims ) buy the wheel locks to have a a more tranquil state of mind. Every Wheel Lock comes with it’s own wheel key that unlocks the lock so the wheel can be removed. There’s a variety of different combinations and different keys that are offered with the different types of wheel locks.

Anyway, do you like your fancy OEM alloy rims? Do you want to keep them on your car? Then I suggest you purchase wheel locks.

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